Jul 282014

Christmas Raggedy Quilted Table Runner Free Sewing Pattern

Christmas Raggedy Runner



Reversible Table Runner Free Sewing Pattern

Reversible Table Runner


Quilted Star Table Runner Free Sewing Pattern

Star Table Runner

Very Quick Holiday Table Runner Free Sewing Pattern




Jul 272014





Personalized Washi Tape School Supplies

A great way to customize and personalize your child’s school supplies for the school year! Makes it easy peasy for your your child to spot her supplies from across the classroom to help her keep up with them.


DIY Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Learn how to make this super cool zipper pouch for yourself or for your child for a great Back to school organization helper.

School Supply Organization

This DIY is a simple way to quickly organize all your supplies for the school year.

DIY Custom Notebooks

DIY matching School Supplies


Jan 202014

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show people how much we appreciate and love them, including our co-workers and classmates. If you have a little one who will be handing out Valentine’s day cards in class this year try some of these handmade and DIY classroom Valentine’s instead of the ones that you buy from the store.

Valentine’s Day Cootie Catcher

I made my fair share of Cootie Catchers in my day! These gems are super fun to play with and easy to make.

DIY Valentine’s Day Cootie Catcher!


Hershey Kiss Rose Bouquet

Even if you can’t make a full bouquet for everyone, a single rose can say a lot! Attach a card and you have perfect classroom valentine’s day cards!

Hershey’s Kiss Rose bouquet!


Scratch and Win “Lotto” Valentine’s Day Cards

What a cute idea for classroom Valentine’s day cards! Make sure everyone is a winner!

valentine’s day Lotto tickets


Valentine’s Day Airplanes!

These cards look like they would be a ton of fun to make and even more fun to handout to classmates!

Valentine’s Day Airplanes



Printable Pirate Valentine’s day cards

Arrren’t these adorable. Okay, I couldn’t resist. Anyway, they are cute for classroom Valentines!

Printable pirate Classroom Valentines



Friendship Bracelet Valentine’s Day Cards

For a super sweet, but candy free option try this adorable friendship bracelet Valentine’s day cards.

Friendship Bracelet Valentine’s Day cards



Rocking Valentine’s Day Card

Easy/Simple Pop Rocks Valentine’s Day Classroom Cards!

Pop Rocks Valentine’s Day Cards



Stitched Heart bookmarks

Bookmarks are a very creative Valentine’s day gift to give out in a classroom, and these are perfect!

Classroom Valentine’s Cards “Stitched Heart Bookmarks”


Love Bug Valentine’s Day Cards

I love these cards, they are so cute and a great idea for any child who is an outdoor or bug enthusiast!

Love Bug Valentine’s



Out of this World Valentine’s Day Card

I am a super fan of anything at all space related, so like anyone who receives one, these cards have warmed my heart!

Out of this World Valentine


You are the “write” stuff Valentine’s Day gift

How punny are these? What a cute idea for school age Valentine’s gifts.

Write Stuff Valentine’s Day


Kids holding candy Valentine’s Day cards

If you have a little bit of Photoshopping skills you can make these amazing cards!




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