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As you know, a Christmas tree skirt can pull together the whole look of your Christmas tree. If you didn’t find the skirt that you were looking for in my first article; Six Beautiful Christmas Tree Skirts that You Can Make! ,I have gathered six more great free Christmas tree skirt sewing patterns for you to try! In this article you will be able to learn how to make a crazy quilted Christmas tree skirt, a Scalloped edge Christmas tree skirt, an easy elegance Christmas tree skirt, a Christmas tree skirt made of felt, a reversible snowflake Christmas tree skirt, and a ruffled edge Christmas tree skirt.



Crazy-Quilted Free Christmas tree skirt sewing pattern


This free sewing pattern will teach you how to use up scrap fabrics to create an eccentric looking Christmas tree skirt! This crazy pattern will look great under your Christmas tree, covered in pine needles and gifts, and it is a great way to free up some space in your home by using up some of your fabric scraps.


Scalloped Edge free Christmas tree skirt sewing pattern


This free sewing pattern and tutorial will teach you how to make a scalloped edge Christmas tree skirt from the fabric of your choice. You can easily make this great Christmas tree skirt match your holiday decorations by choosing a fabric that co-ordinates. This beautiful scalloped edge tree skirt would make a great addition to your tree or to give as a Christmas gift.


Easy Elegance Christmas tree skirt free sewing pattern



Use this free sewing pattern to learn how to create this beautiful Christmas tree skirt that incorporates a variety of ribbons, cording and trim to create a fringed look. This whimsical tree skirt will easily fit into any holiday decor adding a touch of elegance.


Felt Tree Skirt Free tutorial

This tutorial will teach you how to use white felt and buttons to make a beautiful tree skirt. This tree skirt is the perfect example of how sometimes simple is better. Easy to make and beautiful, this tree skirt would add a lot of character to your holiday decorations.


Reversible Snowflake Christmas tree skirt sewing pattern


In this tutorial you will learn how to make this beautiful red, embroidered Christmas tree skirt that is a great addition to any Christmas tree. This Christmas tree skirt is one of the best handmade christmas tree skirt patterns that I have seen. Perfect to make and give as gifts or to add to your own holiday decorations.

Ruffle Edge Christmas Tree Skirt, Step by Step instructions.

This amazing tree skirt would look great under any Christmas tree, and add a great touch of handmade to your holiday decorations. You can use any fabric pattern that you choose, so it will be easy to make a Christmas tree skirt that suits your style and taste.

These great free sewing patterns for Christmas tree skirts will help you make your own Christmas tree skirt from start to finish. If you haven’t found a skirt to suit your skill level or style check out this article for six more beautiful Christmas tree skirts that you can make .

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