Mar 142012

A beautiful wedding arch really sets the scene on your wedding day. Why would you spend a bunch of money on one when it is very easy to create your own wedding arch? You wouldn’t! That’s why you’re here!

If you want the easiest route you can buy a plain undecorated wire or wooden arch from a local craft store for around $25. There are many ways to decorate a plain wedding arch.

- Fabric. Adding a fabric that coordinates with your wedding is a great way to decorate your arch. Loosely tie on the fabric for a flowing look or wrap tightly for a more in place look.

- Flowers. You can decorate your wedding arch with real or artificial flowers. You can save more money by growing your own flowers. Mixing different kinds of flowers will create a colorful wedding arch while sticking to all white or all pink will give the arch a more classic appearance.

- Balloons. While attaching gigantic colorful balloons to your arch would give it a birthday party feel, small matching balloons mixed in with fabric can create a very romantic wedding arch.

- Ivy. Natural or fake ivy can give your arch a natural look. Add in a string or two of white Christmas lights to give it a more romantic feel!

Here are some great guides to show you a few ways that you can make your own wedding arch.

DIY Wedding arch made from branches.

I really love this beautiful natural arch made from long branches. A very easy DIY wedding project with big results!


DIY Bamboo Wedding Arch tutorial.

Drape your bamboo arch with fabric to create a beautiful DIY arch for your wedding.


DIY driftwood wedding Arch

I love the natural look of this wedding arch. I can imagine that it would look great with some vines entwined it and maybe some flowers.


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  4 Responses to “DIY Wedding Wednesday – How to make your own wedding arch!”

  1. Hello, I enjoy reading all of your post.

    I wanted to write a little comment to support you.

  2. A friend linked me to this site. Thnx for the details.

  3. Thanks for the link to one of our arches.

    It’s worth pointing out that if people are designing their own arch they need to take in to account both the internal and external measurements of the arch – even if the arch is just being used to frame a picture. The easy rule-of-thumb is that two people need to easily be able to get through the arch at the same time.

    Also be careful if you decide to use artificial flowers, leaves…some are good quality and look natural, others look awful.

  4. The wedding arch or arbor is a sacred place for that brief few moments when you are eternally in love and pledge your undying and everlasting love for one another. Make it personal, make it unique, make it so the guests will remember it and the unusual setting that you two shared.

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