Apr 122012

I spent almost four hours last night browsing through free sewing patterns trying to find something easy to make so that I could quell my sewing bug. There are so many great patterns out there to use up fabric scraps, and it was hard to decide what to make. I spent the whole night looking and absolutely zero time making. It may be needless to say, but my sewing bug is alive and well and biting the heck out of me this morning. I decided that I’d take all those bookmarks and put them together in one place so that I can take a look at everything and decide exactly what I want to make.

I focused on projects that I can use throughout the summer, on my deck and while hosting some of our deck parties.

Hair Scrunchies

I simply cannot have enough scrunchies during the summer! I do find them all around the deck and even fish a few out of the pool every now and then. My teenage sister also has a bit of a habit of leaving my house with a different one every time she comes over. Making hair scrunchies is an excellent way to use up fabric scraps!

Fabric Scrap Bracelets

I love the idea of making Jewelry with fabric scraps, but some of the fabric scrap jewelry that I have seen has left a lot to be desired. These bracelets are fabulous and you can make any color or print that suit your style

Fabric Scrap Bookmarks

Can never have enough bookmarks in this house anytime of year.

Fat Quarter Apron

Use up tons of your fabric scraps while making this useful garden apron! I’m thinking that it’s also great for summer cookouts!

Patchwork Potholders

Can’t have enough potholders, ever! Gonna make a few to use while cooking and dining outside this summer.

Potluck Bowl Covers!

Not that I ever go to a potluck, but we do eat outside often during the summer, these will be very useful to keep bugs and other things out of the food. :)

Reusable Market Tote!

I never really use totes when I run to the store or even when I go in for grocery shopping, BUT I  do love these for taking with me to flea markets and craft fairs because It keeps me from having to carry around several small bags or and item when a vendor is out of bags.

Fabric Baskets

I have looked up and found several great free sewing patterns and tutorials for Fabric Baskets. I was thinking that it would be handy to have a few around the house this summer. We can use them to carry condiments and other grilling essentials back and forth between the kitchen and deck. They also serve useful to hold many other things like all those scrunchies and bookmarks that I am going to make.

Cocktail Napkins

Definitely going to make quite a few of these. Maybe I’ll even try to make a basket to put them in. I think that these are way cuter than using throw away napkins.

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  2 Responses to “Free Summer Sewing Patterns to use up fabric scraps.”

  1. What great ideas for scraps. I will use my mom’s clothes to make grandkids something to remember her.

  2. Great sewing patterns :) thanks.

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