May 092012

If you are having trouble picking out bridal bouquet for your wedding day why not try making your own. Whether you are looking for a live bouquet or a bouquet made from artificial flowers you can find inspiration online to help you create the one that is right for you.


DIY bridal Bouquet with Birds!

Are you having an outdoor wedding? This great tutorial will help you learn how to create a beautiful bouquet with artificial flowers, fake birds, and stems.

Easy DIY Lavender Bouquet!

Who would have thought that such an easy and simple idea could create a beautiful bouquet for your wedding day. This guide shows you how to wrap sticks of real lavender to make a quick and easy bouquet for your big day.

Real Flower Bridal Bouquet

Can’t you just imagine the beautiful smell coming from this bouquet? Learn how to make this live flower bouquet!

DIY Felt Wedding Bouquet

Who would have thought that such a beautiful bouquet could be made using felt!

DIY Jeweled Bouquet

This tutorial teaches you how to incorporate vintage broaches into your bouquet to create a unique look for your wedding day.

DIY steampunk Wedding bouquet

I’m not a fan of the “steampunk” scene but this DIY bouquet is kind of cute! Check out the tutorial to learn how to make one.

DIY paper flower bouquet!

Paper flowers make a cute bouquet! This guide will show you how to make this beautiful bouquet for your own wedding.

DIY butterfly Bouquet!

Not a flower person? Why not try this beautiful flowerless bouquet that is made using fake butterflies!

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