A Handmade Life


Having a more handmade life doesn’t have to be time consuming or take much more effort than buying big name brand products. Having a more handmade lifestyle can be achieved by taking into consideration practicing some of the tips below.

Accessories – Make or buy your own Accessories.When it comes to accessories there are so many unique and beautiful handmade products out there, ans many tutorials and guides to help you learn to make your own. Examples of some accessories to buy handmade are Jewelry, Hair Clips, Hair Bows, Purses, Phone Cases, makeup bags and Wallets.

Home Decor – Make or buy your own Home Decor. Making your own home decor can save you lots of money over time. Buying handmade decor ensures that you are buying quality and uniqueness, and you can have some decor customized to meet your decorating needs. Examples of some Home Decor items that you can craft or buy handmade include: Curtains, Tablecloths, Napkins, Napkin RIngs, Centerpieces, Candles, Wall hangings, Banners and so much more.

Quilts – Make or Buy your own Handmade Quilts. Handmade quilts make great heirlooms because unlike commercial quilts, handmade quilts will withstand the tests of time. There are so many free quilting patterns online, and so many amazing artisans who have beautiful creations available for you to buy.

Furniture – Buy or make your own furniture. If you have the supplies and the skills you can find woodworking plans online to make your own furniture. This could save you thousands of dollars. However if you aren’t a skilled wood crafter there are tons of great furniture items available online for sale. Try reupholstering old furniture to give it a new look, you can find some great tutorials online to upcycle old furniture.

Food Products – Try making your own jams and jellies, salsas and spreads. Buy fresh produce from the farmer’s market. Try growing your own fresh herbs, or a garden of vegetables if you have the space.

Clothing – Buy or make your own clothing. Sewing is a very valuable trade skill to have. If you are a skill seamstress you always have the option of making your own clothes. You can find a variety of patterns and tutorials online to help you out. If you are not skilled at sewing you have the option of buying handmade clothing. Buying handmade wedding and prom dresses will give you the designer look without the designer cost, and buying handmade skirts and other clothing online or from a handmade boutique will ensure that you have a unique beautiful look to fit your style.

Give Handmade Gifts – I love to receive a handmade gift. To me it says that the person put some time and some thought into personalizing something for me, rather than just throwing something in the buggy during a shopping rush. When looking for a great gift to give for anytime try shopping at handmade sites like Artfire.com or Etsy.com.

Teach Your Children Valuable Trade Skills – By involving your children in any crafting process you are teaching them valuable trade skills that will help them to create a more handmade future.

Support your local Artisans – Visit your local Artisan center, stop by an arts and crafts fair or shop on craigslist.com to find great handmade items for sale. Buying locally is an investment into your community.

Changing our lifestyles in small ways will guarantee a large scale change for our children and for the future. If you would like to help spread the word, and encourage people to buy or make handmade and you have some change to spare, consider donating a buck or two to this site.

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