Dec 022014

I love infinity scarves, they are beautiful, stylish, and warm. They are also very easy to make!

This is a list of some of the best guides, patterns and tutorials that I could find to make infinity scarves.

The Twenty Minute Infinity Scarf

This is a quick and easy infinity scarf tutorial.

The 5 minute Infinity Scarf

I love the plaid fabric! Could make this with a flannel shirt.

Double Braid Two color Infinity Scarf

I want one in teal and gold, thanks.

Easy Tutorial for Infinity Scarf


Crochet Infinity Scarf made using Arm Knitting

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Dec 022014

Kids are bombarded with expensive toys and gifts all year round. This Christmas try gifting one of these handmade gifts and you just may be shocked at the amount of appreciation you’ll receive!


A great way to get kids to appreciate a handmade gift is to stick with what they know. Of course YOU love the classics like Frosty, or Rudolph. Chances are that the little one you are making a gift for is a fan of something a little more recent, like a certain super famous snowman from a very popular Disney movie! Check out this Frozen Olaf quilt. If your sewing skills are up to it this is a great handmade gift for any child on your shopping list!

Of course if you don’t have time for pinpoint accuracy and would still like to gift a nice handmade Olaf blanket, try some of this beautiful Olaf fabric in a simple square sewing pattern.


Travel Lego Bin


Much like yourself, your gift recipient probably LOVES the tiny little building blocks that have been a pain in the foot to most adults for the past 60 + years. This Lego travel tin is a great gift for any kid of an appropriate age.

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Nov 052014


Festive Christmas Tree Skirt

This is a great tutorial that shows you how to make a beautiful Christmas Tree skirt for Christmas.



SewCraftyJess Festive Christmas Tree Skirt



Simply Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt Sewing Pattern

A beautiful Christmas Tree skirt sewing pattern for a quilted skirt.

Simply Quilted Christmas Tree Skirt Sewing Pattern


Peppermint Swirl Christmas Tree Skirt

This Christmas tree skirt pattern is soooo gorgeous!

Peppermint Swirl Christmas Tree Skirt.

Quilted SQUARE Christmas Tree Skirt

How great is this SQUARE Christmas Tree Skirt?

Square Christmas Tree SKirt


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