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They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I would say this is true for dads. Here are some recipes that are hearty and filling for you to serve to dad this Father’s Day.


Lasagna Recipe

The best thing about lasagna is all the many ways to make it. If your dad prefers a chunky, pepper filled lasagna feel free to add them to yours.


President Obama’s Chili Recipe

Serve dad a chili fit for the President of the United States. As a matter of fact this is President Obama’s chili recipe!

The Best Hamburger Recipe

From 6sistersstuff this is really The Best Hamburger Recipe– plus there is a bonus for secret sauce. Shhhh..

Salisbury Steak Recipe

Yum Salisbury Steak served with mashed Potatoes and Peas, makes a great Father’s Day dinner.

Feb 012013



Did I mention, I love snow days?

Well…. I do. And, we are having one!

Here are some great snow day recipes to warm you up and to create great memories with your loved ones.

Not just any Pizza Soup Recipe

Ever tried Pizza Soup? Not many people have, but you should! Kids love this idea and it is very tasty. Adjust the recipe to suit your family’s taste by adding other pizza toppings to the soup.

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Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Since you are snowed in, why not try this great slow cooker recipe for chicken noodle soup?

A good Chilli Recipe

Everyone needs a good chilli recipe. If you don’t have one already, try this one! term storable food!

Chicken ‘N Dumplins Recipe

If you aren’t from the south, you may have never tried this tasty dish. This is one of my all-time favorite winter meals. Chicken ‘N Dumplins is a great because it fills you up and warms you up!

Fried Chicken Strips Recipe

Not a healthy recipe, but hey, it’s a snow day!

Baked Ziti Recipe

This yummy recipe will warm you from the inside out.

Vegetable Soup

This is a great vegetable soup recipe that is made in a slow cooker.


Jan 312013


Candy Conversation Hearts Wreath

This guide will teach you how to make this Valentine’s day wreath using Conversation Hearts!


“Conversational” Heart Candy Topiary Craft

Learn how to craft this cute piece of Valentine’s day decor.


Heart Candy Picture Frame craft

Sweet Conversation Starter; Heart Candy wall art.

Good luck keeping people from eating your wall art.

Conversation Heart Candy Bark

This heart candy bark looks so delicious! Try a bit this Valentine’s day by following this easy recipe.

Candy Heart Jewelry Ideas for girls.

Delicious looking jewelry idea for girls using heart shaped candy.


Conversation Heart Magnets

This candy hearts craft is a great craft for children to make and hand out to people they love!

Sweet Candy Heart Topiary

This is a great easy to make Valentine’s day craft using candy hearts and a styrofoam cone.

Conversation Hearts Vase Filler

Felt Conversation Hearts

These aren’t edible but they sure are sweet! Check out this tutorial to learn how to make easy to customize felt conversation hearts.



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