Jun 072013
Terra Cotta/Chalkboard Flower pots

Terracotta flower pots are very inexpensive, so in my opinion, they are a great crafting material. In this tutorial I simply add some chalkboard paint and color craft paint to them to make little organizing pots. But they would be great for planting too.



Gather Supplies

  • Paint brushes or Foam brushes
  • Painters Tape
  • Chalkboard Paint
  • Craft Paint
  • TerraCotta Pots (I used the 4″ ones)










Step 1

Using the painter’s tape, mark off the places that you do not want chalkboard paint.












Step 2

Using a brush or foam brush paint the Terracotta pots with your chalkboard paint. May take more than one coat of paint.









Step 3

Allow the chalkboard paint to fully dry.








Step 4

Once the paint dries, remove the tape and mark off where you will be applying your color craft paint.

Step 5

Apply the color craft paint where desired! Then allow it to dry.

Jun 052013

Five Great DIY wedding Ideas for summer!

Seashell Votives Holder

What a wonderful idea for a beach themed summer wedding. Fill empty clam shell haves with sand and place a votive candle inside!

DIY Wedding Fans

Having your wedding outside this summer? You may want to invest some time in making these super cute fans for your guests. Add the wedding program for a special touch!

Lemon Place Holders

This idea is genius — Imagine the smell! Using Lemons to hold your table cards for a summer wedding!

Yellow Ribbon Topiary DIY wedding Project

How cute! Learn how to make these great topiary s for your wedding this summer!

Vintage Photo Jars

You won’t even believe how these DIY Vintage Photo Mason Jar s are made.

Jun 012012

Daddy’s Car Wash Kit

A wonderful gift idea for any dad who owns a car! Pack this little bucket full of any car washing supplies that you think he may need for a great Father’s day gift.

PVC Fishing Rod Organizer

Is dad a fisherman? Check out this super easy and low cost organizer that you can make for dad!

Paracord Watch and bracelet!

Check out this tutorial that will teach you to make these manly jewelry creations for dad

Duct Tape Water bottle holder

Duct tape crafts are always so fun to show off! Make dad this cool water bottle holder in his favorite colors.

Mario and Luigi Aprons!

These aprons are great. My husband rarely cooks so this is something that I would make for him and then use myself hah. Any video game fan will probably enjoy these.

Kitchen Spoon Fishing Lure

THese lures are a great gift for anyone who likes to fish! Easy to make with a Dremel — Be careful!

Plastic Guitar Picks

If you have a dad who loves to play music you should check out this tutorial to learn how to make guitar picks. Use up old plastic from things like hotel keys and credit cards.

Custom DIY photo Key  chain

Any dad who owns a set of keys will love these adorable key chains.

Custom Framed Letter art

This is a great project that lets you get the kids involved! Fun and very creative, guaranteed to melt his heart.

Rustic Photo Frame

Use twigs an branches to make this outdoorsy frame for dad. Add in a family portrait to customize this great Father’s day gift!

DIY Paperweights father’s day gift

Check out these super cute paperweights that you and your children can make for dad this Father’s day! Customize it to suit dad!

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