Oct 062011

This weeks featured Twitter User is Lissa Herd also known as @OriginalCloth !

You can find OriginalCloth in these places:

@OriginalCloth on Twitter!

OriginalCloth on Facebook!

OriginalCloth on Etsy!

Who is OriginalCloth?

In her “about” section on her etsy profile she says “I just love sewing and crochet, and want to make things people will use, and enjoy “

Her etsy shop has a variety of beautiful handmade products including hand sewn and crocheted purses and pillows and much more.

When visiting her shop you will see her shop description which says:

“Green living! My eco store is filled with handmade products for sustainable living. Using recycled, upcycled, vintage, organic and eco-friendly materials, I create cushions, bags, patchwork quilts, book covers, fabric flower corsages, ipod covers and more. Denim jeans, cotton shirts and t-shirts, recycled and organic yarn, reclaimed buttons and beads are among my favourite materials. I use lots of different techniques such as sewing, crochet, quilting, applique and embroidery. I am very passionate about reducing waste, so I try to be creative about what I use, and how I use it. The end results are fun, quirky, practical and, of course, original.”


Two of my favorite items from her shop are:


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